How to create a recognizable application on three continents.

I remember an incredible meeting in Berlin with an international team, where we were discussing how to tell the story of an application that would revolutionize the dubbing market.

The team was coordinating on the client side - SDI Media (now Iyuno), with a charismatic CEO - Alberto Abisso. Alberto is Italian, and I remember during our workshop breaks, we would go to an Italian restaurant and feel like a family. In such an atmosphere, we created the brand, which is available on three continents and in 24 countries. Currently, work is underway to launch the application in Japan, Latvia, and Taiwan.

On the agency side, the John Weston Group was responsible for creating a promotion strategy, launch, advertising materials, and the design of the entire application. It was hundreds of projects. It was an amazing job and a great satisfaction. You can see the business case on our software house website (

Here are some of my favorite links.

In addition to the application, the Produb client application was also created, which is a powerful tool for coordinating dubbing projects. I remember the excitement of my team when our presentations or films were presented to the biggest Hollywood companies. They apparently liked them :) There was also the Produb director application, which helps dubbing directors manage their projects and casting.

Enter the world of movies and TV series, work with us on big productions. You decide what project you become a part of from now on!
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